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InfoAdditions AIR for iOS

Compiling an iOS app using Flash requires an application descriptor file. Within this XML file, you can tell the app to compile for High-Res iPhones, iPad 2 as well as remove the default gloss on an icon and even change the look-and-feel of a status bar.

Settings that apply only to iOS devices are placed within the element in the application descriptor. The iPhone element can have an InfoAdditions element and a requested element as child. The InfoAdditions element allows you to specify key-value pairs that are added to the Info.plist settings file for the application.

				<!-- iPhone -->
				<!-- iPad -->
			<!-- Remove Gloss on Icon -->
			<!-- Make Bar on Iphone Black -->
			<!-- Persistent Wifi for iPad Apps -->
			<!-- Exit the App Completely, not just suspend -->
			<key>UIApplicationExitsOnSuspend</key><true />
	<!-- Make this available for Retina Display-->

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